Major & Minor Religions

Before this exercise, I recognized that there was a wide range of religions that existed in our contemporary world and were given the name “world religions” because of the global impact it had. Nonetheless, I did not consider the possibility that there were many individuals who practiced a much more discrete and distinct religion and how modern society laws could have an effect on their practice. From listening to Megan Goodwin and Ilyse M. Fuerest’s thoughts on “Who gets left out of ‘religion’,” I was able to get a better grasp on the meaning of a “minor religion” and how in particular, the United States laws are catered to a more Christian based society.

When I began reading the article from Michael Pincus, it emphasized the idea of religious discrimination and discussed how because some religions are evaluated as minor, it is not significant enough to make a religious holiday or because it is not part of the “Christian-centric calender.” For example, as an Asian American living in America and often celebrate Lunar New Years as a popular tradition, I must still continue to attend and prioritize my school assignments rather than celebrating with family; a celebration that normally lasts almost 23 days in Asia.


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